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A code used primarily for storage purposes to assure that incompatible hazards are not stored next to one another. The HCC visible in FLIS pertains to the latest formulation of the item. The user needs to be aware that additional information may reside in the Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS) for a different formulation of the same CAGE/part number.

A1Radioactive, Licensed
A2Radioactive, License Exempt
A3Radioactive, License Exempt, Authorized
B1Alkali, Corrosive, Inorganic
B2Alkali, Corrosive, Organic
B3Alkali, Low Risk
C1Acid, Corrosive, Inorganic
C2Acid, Corrosive, Organic
C3Acid, Low Risk
C4Acid, Corrosive and Oxidizer, Inorganic
C5Acid, Corrosive and Oxidizer, Organic
D2Oxidizer and Poison
D3Oxidizer and Corrosive, Acidic
D4Oxidizer and Corrosive, Alkali
E1Explosive, Military
E2Explosive, Low Risk
F1Flammable Liquid, DOT Packing Group I, OSHA IA
F2Flammable Liquid, DOT Packing Group II, OSHA IB
F3Flammable Liquid, DOT Packing Group III, OSHA IC
F4Flammable Liquid, DOT Packing Group III, OSHA II
F5Flammable Liquid and Poison
F6Flammable Liquid, and Corrosive, Acidic
F7Flammable Liquid and Corrosive, Alkali
F8Flammable Solid
G1Gas, Poison (Nonflammable)
G2Gas, Flammable
G3Gas, Nonflammable
G4Gas, Nonflammable, Oxidizer
G5Gas, Nonflammable, Corrosive
G6Gas, Poison, Corrosive (Nonflammable)
G7Gas, Poison, Oxidizer (Nonflammable)
G8Gas, Poison, Flammable
G9Gas, Poison, Corrosive, Oxidizer (Nonflammable)
H1Hazard Characteristics Not Yet Determined
K1Infectious Substance
K2Cytotoxic Drugs
M1Magnetized Material
N1Not Regulated as Hazardous
P1Peroxide, Organic, DOT Regulated
P2Peroxide, Organic, Low Risk
R1Reactive Chemical, Flammable
R2Water Reactive Chemical
T1DOT Poison-Inhalation Hazard
T2UN Poison, Packing Group I
T3UN Poison, Packing Group II
T4UN Poison, Packing Group III
T5Pesticide, Low Risk
T6Health Hazard
T7Carcinogen (OSHA, NTP, IARC)
V1Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials - Class 9
V2Aerosol, NonFlammable
V3Aerosol, Flammable
V4DOT Combustible Liquid, OSHA IIIA
V5High Flash Point Materials, OSHA IIIB
V6Petroleum Products
V7Environmental Hazard
X1Multiple Hazards Under One NSN
Z1Article Containing Asbestos
Z2Article Containing Mercury
Z3Article Containing Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB)
Z4Article, Battery, Lead Acid, Nonspillable
Z5Article, Battery, Nickel Cadmium, Nonspillable
Z6Article, Battery, Lithium
Z7Article, Battery, Dry Cell