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Global Supply Chain

ISO Group's partners receive the highest quality of service and innovative solutions. We utilize our technology to drive a proven global supply chain. ISO Group's extensive experience in Import and Export compliance and quality assurance procedures help us deliver the best solution to your procurement requirements.

ISO Group has current active supply network of over 20,000 suppliers globally, with access to inventory level and stocking information for over 1 million suppliers, and over 130 million part numbers. We work with all of our customers to identify which chain of supply meets their requirement needs. From factory new product, to new surplus equipment, to new engineering and manufacturing solutions, ISO Group's sustainment services give you immediate access to a global supply network for most products in the defense and aerospace industries.

Managing a supply chain is a costly endeavour. Receiving poor quality parts from several suppliers can create a costly burden by stopping production lines, or lowering readiness levels. ISO Group has proven business processes, internal supplier ratings, quality control, and global logistics solutions that drive lower overhead expenses and the delivery of quality product.

Our global supply chain is at your service. Contact ISO Group.