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Defense Logistics Management System

Spare parts intelligence for all military equipment.

The Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS®) is a proprietary database of over 125 million part numbers and 12,000 certified suppliers. The DLMS utilizes supply chain analytics to provide comprehensive solutions for complex and diverse bill of material requirements, creating efficient and reliable supply chains.

ISO Group utilizes the DLMS® to support our partnerships with Prime Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Government Direct.

Analyze by: Weapon System, Demand, User Base, Geography, Forecast & More

Supply Chain Intelligence

Bill of material & weapon system market knowledge

ISO Group utilizes the DLMS® to instantly analyze large lists of National Stock Numbers (NSNs), Bill of Materials (BOMs) as well as over 2,000 Weapon System Bill of Materials.   We partner with our clients to gain  insight on the stocking levels of parts, which parts are sole source and which parts have multiple sources.  The DLMS® analyzes historical demand and identifies which parts have a diminishing demand, stable demand or increasing demand.  Additionally, the DLMS® identifies forecasted parts and weapons systems in order to open up new revenue opportunities for our partners. 

Total logistics management including export compliance, packaging and transportation through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or Direct Commercial Sales (DCS)

By using the DLMS® to manage our supply chains, ISO Group provides quality, specification compliant products to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.  Every part is analyzed against export compliance rules, inspected, barcoded and photographed before being packaged per our clients' specifications.  Partner with ISO Group to reduce supply acquisition costs and improve quality.


Demand & Forecast Analytics

Go to market research

Looking to increase market intelligence?  The DLMS® houses over 15 years of supply, demand and pricing data.  Mitigate go-to-market risks by analyzing global demand and pricing.  Identify and target geographical areas and analyze the competitive landscape.

Analyze sources of incremental revenue

The DLMS® can identify cross platform parts and geographical demand to help open up new sources of incremental revenue for our clients.  Identify areas of increasing demand or decreasing sources of supply for high growth potential. 

Inventory marketability

Whether you are looking to liquidate inventory, find potential new clients, or move to a just-in-time model, ISO Group's DLMS® can help.  The DLMS® can pinpoint which parts have demand, identify potential clients based off of historical demand for related items, and identify which parts are readily stocked by our global supplier network.

Pricing trends

With over 15 years of pricing information, the DLMS® provides government and market pricing trends.  This up-to-date information shows the percentage increase and decrease in pricing year-on-year as well as the deviations between government direct and market pricing.

Alternate sources of supply

Open up access to ISO Group's certified supply chain via the DLMS®.  Move beyond government specified sources of supply with built in cross referencing and supplier quality metrics.  Mitigate obsolescence, improve quality and reduce acquisition costs.


Availability Risk Analytics

Identify potential supply chain risks

ISO Group's proprietary risk and availability indices provide the DLMS® with the capability to identify potential problem areas in the supply chain.  We work with our clients to increase fleet readiness by targeting those problem areas before issues arise.

End of life purchase analytics

Having access to availability, risk and supply metrics, the DLMS® assists our clients in making end of life purchase decisions.  The DLMS can additionally support supply contract negotiations by pairing those metrics with price trend information.

In-depth analysis on more than 2,000 weapon systems

Increase platform intelligence, reduce bid and proposal costs and evaluate supply chain risk by partnering with ISO Group and our DLMS®.  We support the life cycle extension programs for over 2,000 military platforms.


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