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ISO Group is a sustainment contractor for the defense and aerospace industries. We offer our customers a unique set of services that enable them to extend equipment longevity, consolidate purchasing, reduce product lead time, mend broken supply chains, receive quality product, and obtain international logistics solutions.

We have a solid reputation on fulfilling supply contract both domestically and internationally. We are an industry leader on Import and Export compliance, not only the US, but also abroad.

We utilize our technology to manage a global supply chain of over 12,000 active suppliers, with insight into stocking levels with over 1 million suppliers. We can help our suppliers market their products internationally by providing import and export solutions. ISO Group also helps liquidate inventory but utilizing our previous demand history, and accepts consigned inventory.

It is free to join our global supply network. Once registered, you can upload your inventory or capability listings. Your inventory will be processed and matched to our existing procurement requests. As we identify good prospects for your products, we will issue you requests for quote, which you can respond to directly on our website.