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FLIS Data and NSN Search

DLMS® - FLIS Data and NSN Search

WebFLIS or FLIS data is the Defense Logistic Agency’s (DLA) searchable database on supply items for all branches of the military and government. WebFLIS includes detailed information such as the National Stock Number or NSN of an item, the items name, manufacturer and supplier.


The heart of our operation is our Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS®), a proprietary database that has been built by aggregating over 15 years of proprietary supply and demand data, WEBFLIS data, and many other resources. The DLMS® was created to expand on the DLA WEBFLIS tools and provide the industry with accurate data, qualified suppliers, and peace of mind, knowing that the best tools are available, right at your fingertips. ISO group actively tracks over 125 million part numbers and 12,000 certified suppliers. We are the key supply chain partner to 6 of the top 10 Fortune 500 aerospace and defense companies and maintain legitimate supply chain solutions that enhances operational readiness for over 2,000 weapons systems.

We build and operate efficient and reliable supply chains.

Search WebFLIS and NSN Records With ISO Group

With ISO Group search you can use any combination of part characteristics or specifications, as well as partial part numbers, NSNs or other stocking number. Special characters are not needed and are automatically stripped before searching.


Search DLMS® and WebFLIS Data

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