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Military & Army Sustainment


ISO’s multi-faceted market presence covers a broad range of logistical support programs for Military and Army Sustainment. ISO not only supports military armed forces throughout the world, but also maintains a large knowledge base and share in the military equipment support programs. Our technology and proprietary databases are the key to cost effective, quality driven Military Sustainability.

Learn more about how our Thrid Party Logistics Support (3PM / TPL) solutions can benefit your military sustainment and supply chains. Utilize ISO Group's technology in your Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) solution today and drive down your support costs. ISO Group supports DOD Performanced Based Logistics (PBL) programs.

ISO also offers Foreign Military Sales (FMS) support, ID/IQ Contract Support, Defense Contract Support, ARMY RESET Program Support. ISO Group supplies Spare Part Inventory Support, Maintenance Spare Parts and MIL SPEC Parts, and Military Hardware.