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NSN 4730-01-144-5494, 4730011445494

Federal Supply Classification
FSC 4730 - Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, and Railing Fittings
National Item Identification Number
NIIN 011445494
Codification Country
United States
Item Name Code
INC 04198
( )
Hazardous Material Indicator Code
(N) There is no data in the HMIRS and the NSN is in an FSC not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials.
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DLMS® Summary

National Stock Number 4730-01-144-5494

National Stock Number (NSN) 4730-01-144-5494, or NIIN 011445494, (swivel joint,pipe) was assigned December 23, 1982 in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS). This NIIN is Available for Manual Assignment. This NSN does not replace any other NSNs.

There are 2 manufacturer part numbers associated with this NSN. None of the associated part number(s) are considered obsolete. The manufacturer part numbers were originally supplied by one supplier. Today, one supplier is listed as an Active supplier for this NSN. Of the active suppliers, only one supplier is deemed design controlled or valid supply parts.

This part number has not been procured by the US Government in over 5 years.

This NSN is somewhat common among different platforms, belonging to 5 different weapons systems.

Based on a planned procurement review by the Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) on Dec 10, 2014, this NSN's acquisition method was noted as: Acquire directly from the actual manufacturer, whether or not the prime contractor is the actual manufacturer. The data needed to produce this item from additional sources is not physically available. Valid AMCs: 3, 4 and 5.

This NSN is assigned to Item Name Code (INC) 04198. [A METALLIC CONNECTOR DESIGNED TO JOIN TWO LENGTHS OF PIPE AND/OR PIPE FITTINGS IN A PIPELINE TO PERMIT TURNING ON ITS AXIS ON ONE PLANE AND TO ALLOW FOR ANGULAR MOVEMENT.]. There is no data in the HMIRS and the NSN is in an FSC not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials. NSN 4730011445494 does not contain precious metals.

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