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Federal Supply Class (FSC) 6780: Photographic Sets, Kits, and Outfits

This FSC covers 280 Item Names, spanning 1,730 National Stock Numbers (NSNs). 2 of the items have a procurement forecast acknowledged for them.

In addition to 236 CAGEs associated to this FSC, ISO Group has built direct relationships with 3 sources of supply.

This FSC contains parts that belong to 18 different platforms, with an average of 1 NSNs per platform.

The global demand for this FSC has originated from 1 country, and has decreased over the past year compared to the previous year by -31.58%.

This FSC has US Government procurement actvitiy within the past year, with the last award issued 348 days ago. There have been 10 contracts issued for this FSC, with 9 awards given. The US Government has awarded contracts to 2 different suppliers. The last contract numbers awarded were: SPE8EN20P0162, SPE8EN19V1008, SPE8EN19V0910, SPE8EN19V0821, SPE8EN19V0525. The total value of the awarded contracts has been US$ 37,763.

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