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Federal Supply Class (FSC) 7920: Brooms, Brushes, Mops, and Sponges

This FSC contains parts that belong to 36 different platforms, with an average of 1 NSNs per platform.

This FSC covers 304 Item Names, spanning 3,195 National Stock Numbers (NSNs). 13 of the items have a procurement forecast acknowledged for them.

The global demand for this FSC has originated from 34 countries, and has increased over the past year compared to the previous year by 14.29%.

In addition to 806 CAGEs associated to this FSC, ISO Group has built direct relationships with 159 sources of supply.

This FSC has active US Government procurement activity, with the last award issued 35 days ago. There have been 136 contracts issued for this FSC, with 132 awards given. The US Government has awarded contracts to 35 different suppliers. The last contract numbers awarded were: SPE8E621P0098, SPE7L320F4636, SPE8E520V3633, SPE7L320P5654, SPE8E520V3492. The total value of the awarded contracts has been US$ 126,025.

Specifically included in this FSC are: Squeegees; Whisk Brooms. Specifically excluded from this FSC are: Hair Brushes; Toothbrushes; Paint and Artists' Brushes.

Includes Squeegees; Whisk Brooms.
Excludes Hair Brushes; Toothbrushes; Paint and Artists' Brushes.

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