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M113 (T130E1) Track Shoe

ISO Group is a prime supplier to the World’s Governments of the Track Shoe for the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. This ISO9001 engineered product is forged from the highest quality steel.

Product Data:

Application Data:

  • M113 Series
  • Pitch: 190mm Width: 381mm Height: 150mm
  • Track Shoe Assemblies per Vehicle: 128
M113 (T130E1) Track Shoe
M113 (T130E1) Track Shoe Assembly
T130E1 Assembly Components: Part Number NSN
Shoe Body 11646782
Pad Assembly 11677982 2530-00-088-9531
Pad Nut MS51922-53 5310-00-982-6809
Pin 8756560 5306-00-679-9658
Pin Nut 8785580 5310-00-655-9863
Bushing - Long 11678029 5365-00-088-9573
Bushing - Long 8756519 5365-00-781-8213
Bushing - Short 11678027 5365-00-088-9564
Bushing - Short 8756557