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ISO Group's Leadership Team

ISO Group's Leadership Team is committed to maintaining the fundamental values of the Corporation, which have proved so successful. These include ethics, accountability and cultural sensitivity within the Global Reach that ISO Group has achieved with its Business Partners.

Randall E. Poliner, Executive Chairman

Randy is the founder of Antares Capital Corporation. Prior to his venture capital career, Randy was a founder and Chief Operating Officer of Macrodyne, Incorporated, an instrumentation and signal processing company, taking that firm from product line concept to commercialization and eventually to acquisition by The Marmon Group, a leading producer of related instrumentation. He was asked to join Scientific Systems Services to effect a turn-around of this publicly held company. Scientific Systems Services was sold to Computer Task Group, Inc., at the time a $400 million NYSE firm serving the consulting, systems integration, and professional services needs of Fortune 500 clients. Randy had direct responsibility for the consulting services group serving manufacturing and distribution clients and the systems integration group serving industrial automation markets. He was responsible for developing the firm's consulting and systems integration strategy, constructing a national account marketing program, and identifying and evaluating acquisition candidates. Randy also guided Flood Data Services as President and CEO from $4 million to $70 million in sales over four years and provided the sales leadership for First American's Information Services group which purchased the company resulting in an increase of revenue from $147 million to $248 million in one year. His early career includes several years with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in project management positions charged with developing and commercializing technology derived from industrial consulting assignments and contract research and development programs. Randy also has significant direct engineering experience at LTV Aerospace.  

Alex Techoueyres, Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Mr. Techoueyres, co-founder of ISO Group, has a Degree from AIF. Prior to ISO Group Mr Techoueyres was the President and founder of Worldbase, a leading inventory listing online service within the electronics components industry which was subsequently sold to USBid. As a Vice President of business development Mr Techoueyres spearheaded the international business to business markets working with leading worldwide OEM’s and Distributors and negotiated key strategic contracts within the industry supply chain. Prior to Worldbase, Mr Techoueyres has worked as an industry consultant and lead sales organizations within several international companies, including USC (Universal Systems Components) and LPG. 

Tom Techoueyres, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Mr. Techoueyres, co-founder of ISO Group, has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Most recently, he was the co-founder of Worldbase, which was acquired by USBid. At USBid, he developed the sales process which still today forms the basis of the company's revenue. Previously, he successfully developed technologies in the realms of VOIP communcation and e-commerce. Mr. Techoueyres is fluent in multiple languages and is an ambassador to our business partners internationally. 

Michael Gibson, Vice President of Technology

Mr. Gibson, co-founder of ISO Group, has a Bachelors Degree in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh. For over 15 years, he has successfully architected and managed the systems and software for several start-up and established ventures. Before entering into supply chain logistical solutions, Michael developed informational technologies with Bombardier Transportation and GE Transportation. With MCI, LPG and USBid, he developed several cutting-edge e-commerce, sales and informational technologies.