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Defense and Aerospace
Supply Chain Partner
A Dynatech International Company

ISO Group Overview

ISO Group is a supply chain partner for the defense and aerospace industry, working with our clients to maintain and sustain critical platforms and equipment
ISO Group knows the parts, the platforms, and the sources
The heart of our operation is our Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS®), a proprietary database of over 125 million part numbers and 12,000 certified suppliers
We build and operate efficient and reliable supply chains
ISO Group Overview

Our Mission Statement


ISO Group's mission is to provide the Defense Industry with any part, anywhere, anytime.

  • We understand the needs of the warfighter.
    Support the unique challanges they face in maintaining mission readiness at home and deployed.

  • We understand the needs of our business partners.
    Effective solutions are the result of excellent communications.

  • We employ professionals with integrity, talent and ambition.
    Your satisfaction is paramount and based on our level of expertise.

  • We leverage state of the art technology.
    Global resources are at our fingertips and in your hands.

  • We manage the only real time organic global partner network in the industry.
    Accelerating business and reducing costs – your benefit to utilizing our network.

  • We engineer innovative solutions.
    Challenging requests are solved quickly and efficiently and provide long term results.

  • We provide 24-hour worldwide support and service.
    Our success depends on your continued success.

  • We anticipate tomorrow's needs, today.
    Visionary leadership and international resources keep you ahead of the competition.