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Below are news articles about ISO Group. Please check back again for more details on the latest publications and contract awards. ISO Group can supply standard literature and graphics for use by marketing and news agencies on request.



June 2006 -- ISO Group announced today that its Quality System has been certified as compliant with the provisions of ISO9001:2000. This will enable ISO Group to better serve its clients around the world through the recognized standardization of this quality system.


March 2006 -- ISO Group today announced that is has been awarded multiple sub-contracts for the supply of spare parts for the M35 2.5-ton Cargo Truck, M800 series 5-ton Cargo Truck, M900 series 5-ton cargo truck, M113 Armored Personnel Carrier and HMMWV® to 10 US Bases located within Iraq under US Contract W52PIJ-05-D-0004. ISO Group will deliver...